The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Minnehaha Creek Canoe Ride

boat launch or swimming dock ?
 A couple weeks ago when the creek was really high the family and I went out for our, once every three years, canoe ride. We chose to paddle the last 6 or so miles of the creek due to close proximity to home on a week night, and the wild ride we were sure to have. We paddled the same section in a canoe when they were much younger and we all had a good time.
Getting underway

The good stuff (rapids) is about to begin
  Unannounced to me was a warning not to paddle the creek at this time, which was a story on the nightly news the previous evening.  A guy at work told me about the story, but the die had been cast. Everything was loaded in the van and the boys and Lynn would be meeting me later that afternoon to set up the shuttle. I've paddled the creek at much higher levels and it was fine, I accredited this bit of information as the further pussification of America and I would not be frightened off by some pansy on the news.
We couldn't help but stop and  jump off the bridge about ten times each

 It's true the current was fast, but it made it much more fun than scraping along the bottom at a snails pace which would be considered safe. The many twists and turns had Lynn and I on our toes. There was very little time for relaxing, our skills were tested and proved rusty and insufficient a few times. About mid-way through things started to click and navigation was done with much less panicked shouting.
Mom was nervous, this due was not !

Dinner time picnic , about 1.5-2 miles from the take out, also realized I forgot the keys
 The only snaufu of the night was me forgetting to bring the keys along so we could drive the shuttle vehicle back to the start point. Never fear, my BFF Vandy, saved the night by grabbing a set of keys at my house and delivering them to me at the falls. On the plus side we all got to see the falls that night ! Thanks Bro.
family portrait 

Let's take the canoe down that 


  1. Awesome... I too got told I wasn't supposed to be on the water last week.

    Check out my blog post I just posted...

  2. I want to be a member of the deathrider family. I paddled the haha a few weeks ago and thought at the time the only way it would be too high would be if you coulnt go underneath the roads, like 169. Would be fun to portage over that thing!


  3. Last week I did a Bike-Pack-Raft-commute to work. At work when I told them my route home, I was told of the Star Trib article and I was going to die (in good spirits). What a fun commute home!

    Cheers Bro