The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Rain Date

If your anything like me, a person who doesn't like spending all their time indoors you are probably getting really sick of all the rain we've had around here lately. Yesterday it was nice all day right up until it was time to leave work. More Rain ? I think this is just a complete waste of day and it always pisses me off, so after a little procrastination, I moved ahead with my plans for a bike ride and some pack-rafting. I didn't bother to check the weather, if it was going to rain I would just suck it up and be miserable. I didn't bring any rain gear, water or food either, I just wanted to get moving. On the other hand I sort-of like the misery so I knew I would have fun anyway.
Normally I would be on a fat-bike but since the Krampus is my new toy I ride it all the time . It's been working great , a couple hundred yards of this stuff was ride-able

The stinging nettle is getting big, I don't ride through this stuff with anything

With the itch weed taking over and the large amount of water present in the creek I decided to get in the boat and paddle to the river

The Minnesota, not visible is the fast moving current
  I left my house around 5:30 on my way to the river bottoms. I had a loop in mind in which I would follow a small creek to the Minnesota, cross it, and then pick up the river bottom trail. From there I rode the bulk of the trail to the old Cedar Bridge and crossed it. I wanted one more chance to get in the boat so I crossed  Dack Blog Lake to another trail and then finished up the ride home in the dark. To my surprise the rain held off all night and I ended up having a good time on the bike and in the boat.
I heard this is getting fixed sometime in the near future. Looks fine to me :)

Not visible( 100 yards away) in this pic is the 10-15 piles of toilet paper and small mounds of shit left behind by fishermen. I just don't understand why so many of them leave behind their trash and feces. That must be the sign of a true outdoors man. This is also where I launched the boat for the second time.

Forbidden waters 

rode about a half mile of this, surprised the bike stayed on top of it and just kept going

The very little used trail at the other side

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