The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Warm Up , Cool Down

Last week was the second annual Utah Super Trip. On board for the wild ride this year was Arc Flash, Young Tim, and O'Neil. Like last year, the plan was to do some riding and canyoneering. To up the ante for the 2013 trip, we brought packrafts and planned to do a couple over night side trips away from the van and the typical makeshift roadside campsites.
AF, Zippity Do Dah on a Krampus

O' Neil, rockin' a  Salsa Mukluk.  He got a lot of strange looks riding alongside primarily full-sus freeride, and trail bikes.   
 Our route westward had us passing directly through Fruita Co. On Friday we stopped for a mid-afternoon ride at the trails just north of town. This was the first real ride I had on my new Krampus. It performed very well and does an amazing job hooking up in the corners. The smooth trail was just right for the rigid, 29+, green Christmas demon.  
I think it was snowing at home :)

Krampus was at home among the sandy surfaces and rocky ledges of Horsethief Bench. This bike is a lot of fun, and in the right hands, can definitely hold it's own alongside guys on full suspension bikes. 
 On our way back home, one week later, battered and exhausted,  we couldn't help but stop for one last hurrah. All we could muster on the trails near the Loma exit were Rustler's loop and Horsethief Bench. Not knowing when I might be back to ride again, I was glad to get in one last spin even if my body wasn't up to it.      
It's OK to hike-a-bike when you have scenery like this


  1. Ride it. LCR would stay there until all cleaned or somebody got messed up (bike or body).

    Penn races starting with snow on hill and 90 degrees?

  2. My body was already messed up and exhausted from the antics that were partaken in during the previous week+. No need to get stupid(er) and fall off a cliff.