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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

2013 Almanzo 100

Sadly I was not able to participate in the Almanzo 100 this year except for the first three miles. I had other obligations that morning in the area about an hour after the start. I decided to kit-up and ride the first few on the Krampus and take some pics.
This is the sign I made for the Royal. Almanzo memorabilia is everywhere in my basement shop dating back to 08' 

Biggest start ever, just shy of 1000

The Man

Grassroots American cycling at it's best
 I was glad I did show up for the start, It was an amazing sight to see the massive group lined up and rolling out of town. I also enjoyed seeing all of my friends just before they headed out on a ride that was going to pulverize them, and know I would have, what I thought would be, an easy day :). (More on my easy day at a later time, CAVING)
Props for my team, Penn Cycle

The calm before the storm when that tandem the Eppen's are on will keep pace like a  1000cc motorcycle. 

Fancy Ray

Fat-Bike category ?
 Another reason for my visit was to say hello and drop off a little token for Mr Skogen. A couple months ago while riding, I came across an abandoned numbered sign. It displayed the number 162, immediately I thought of Chris and the Royal 162. I felt compelled to get it to him, and make it into some sort of a sign relating to the race that I have not yet mustered the courage to face. I found some thick steel letters laying around my workplace and fashioned them and the number plate to a piece of angle iron which could be driven into the ground as a marker of sorts. Chris is such a great guy, I'm humbled by his generosity and dedication to the point that I was a little nervous giving it to him. I wasn't sure if he would like it, I received a (manly) hug from Chris, I believe that meant he liked it.       Having done this race numerous times, I would like to thank Chris and all the volunteers for their hard work.  I would also like to thank Chris's immediate family for their hard work, direct and indirect. Thank you to my own family for allowing me to get out and do what I do.                          P.S.   Happy Birthday Jack
The leaders were long gone by several minutes and the pack kept coming, stretched as far as one can see

This was right after I presented my gift to Mr Skogen.

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