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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Out and About

a couple pros
 This weekend was pretty low key, "G"Man was out of town with Lynn for a gymnastics meet, and our little camping trip I had planned for the weekend was cancelled on account of my mom being in the hospital with some heart issues (she's all good now). I was concerned about going out of town so we stayed put and got in what we could, close to home.
A couple pros falling down

It's so much better skiing when the sun is out
 Since the boys had been skiing only the flat trails of Pike Island and were doing well, I thought it would be time for some hills. We went to Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville for some moderately hilly but short loops. This was the most fun they've had on skis this year, it turns out they were getting bored with Pike Island, "all we do is move our feet and arms back and forth" they said. All I could do is laugh when they told me this and acted out the motions of  x-c skiing.  I was really impressed at how they could hold it together on the twists and turns of the hills, they did well.

  After the skiing we headed home for dinner and a movie. They wanted to sleep in the tree house that night so I had to get everything ready and the house warmed up. After it was all said and done, an hour later they came into the house saying it was too cold and uncomfortable. That was just great, it only took an hour to shovel a nice path so they could walk out there, find the space heater, find the extension cord buried in snow and ice, find a three way plug so they could have heat and light, and then haul out three sleeping bags ,mats, pillows, stuffed animals, snacks, books, extra blankets, and more stuffed animals !
That's a real eagle, and those are real kids

It appears this Golden Eagle can turn it's head completely backwards!
 The next day we got up early and went down to Wabasha to the National Eagle Center. The building was really nice and we had a good time seeing some eagles up close. We took time to listen to a speaker while one of the eagles devoured a dead rat. I learned quite a bit, but still have no desire to become a "birder" or spend two grand on a set of binoculars.
My dad and the boys in an eagles nest

That bloody mess is a dead rat MMMMMM
 After a couple hours at the NEC we started making our way back home with a couple pit stops along the way. We took a few minutes to drive out on to Lake Pepin. Lake Pepin is formed by the widening of the Mississippi River, driving on it made me a little uneasy, there's current in there somewhere right ?
About a hundred yards out on Lake Pepin......far enough

Look close, Super "Y" is throwing a snow ball in the water. This was the sole  purpose of our visit, to throw snow balls in a stream :)
Our Second stop was at Miesville Ravine, this park has a trout stream flowing through it and is located along the Cannon River. The shelters are top notch and we will definitely be heading back to picnic under them and do some more exploring when it gets warm out.        Up next...........................Man Trip 2013
D Rider .....out

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