The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, February 28, 2013


We all owe Big "D" a thank you. If he had not agreed to go with on this day, I probably would not have brought this thing out.
hand saws are too slow, we needed lots of wood
 For the past six years I've religiously gone out on Wednesday night rides with my fellow fat-biking friends. It's usually a small group with several die-hards that always show up and a bunch of others that make the rides when they can. We start in November and wind down after the Arrowhead Ultra because by that time were usually sick of riding and if you've done the Arrowhead you don't want to ride until it's warm anyway.
Best-in-Schow, provided a veggie delight for everyone. It turned out really good too

LT-1, manning the grill
 While I am not burned out or even sick of riding this year, it's nice to celebrate the end of the winter riding season with a short ride/ group get-together around a bon-fire, and enjoy a meal.  In the past we have ridden out into the woods and just cooked our meals over an open fire. This year I upped the ante and brought a full sized grill to the party so we could accommodate a larger group and do a better job of cooking. My youngest, Big "D", helped me out a couple weeks ago by riding in the sled with the dismantled grill, and keeping me company while I dragged it to our secret spot and reassembled it.

Hollywood, Kristy Kreme, Best-in-Schow, and  The Mayor
 Nine of us were in attendance including myself. It was a great time hanging out with friends and being able to talk to one another with out having to yell or pant from the saddle of a bike. As the moon was coming up it was time for us to head out, it was a weeknight after all.  Sometimes things just seem to fall into place and work out better than planned, this was one of those times.   P.S. If you happen to find the grill, feel free to use it, I left some charcoal and lighter fluid inside, and make sure you have an extra burger or brat for me if I see you there.
Yes, there were fat-bikes present.

The Mayor, O'Neil, and LT-1, admiring  their handiwork


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  2. Good times and thks Big D for helping out your Daddy O with the grill....

  3. Looks like a ton of fun dude. From your old buddy in Salt Lake City