The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, February 4, 2013


A fire to warm-up by is always nice
 This past weekend was the City of Lakes Loppet. There were many skiing events as well as a couple cycling events. On Saturday was the Ice-Cycle Loppet, and you guessed it, it was on ice. While I was not able to participate in the ice race, I was able to do the Fat-Bike race on Sunday. A last minute change had us off of the ski trails and on the lake (Calhoun and Isles). What this really means is no chance to rest. Although I'm not the light weight I used to be, I need some hills to recover on, particularly the down hills. Flying across a frozen lake at red-line is a killer.
P.D. (with arms raised) was the man organizing all the cycling stuff, ...Thanks Bro 
 I managed to get the hole-shot and lead us out, go for the picture , not the win, right. Shortly after the start some guy named Jesse Lalonde passed all of us and started putting a big gap on our chase group of three. Lalonde hmmmmm.... maybe you've heard of him, he's only one of the fastest guys in the region, there was no way any of us were going to hang with him. So then it was just the three of us charging hard for second place with a chase group nipping at our heels. I was going so hard I was seeing stars, fell off of our little pace line, and was gobbled up by the next group. I stuck with them right up to the end when I made my final push for fourth and was out-sprinted by four of the five guys in our pack.
Lots of fat-bikers, 64 racers to be exact
 Eighth place again, it seems to be theme. Of the three races I've done this winter I have placed 8th in every one, not dead last, but nothing to be proud of. I did have a good time, despite the last minute change, and look forward to next year when we might get to actually race on the ski trail.


  1. I musta took your 8th at the carver catfish race... Hillside well battle for it. 8 is the number of lcr choice.

  2. So with all that extra time not trying to finish 2 or 3rd I would expect some pic's of the race as it was happening...LOL