The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fat-Biker From Hell is Coming............

...............and is he pissed

The Fat-Bike Adventure Ride is just around the corner. I've been out working my tail off for the last few weeks to get the route all figured out and in tip-top shape. I've moved lots of logs, rocks, boulders, sticks, a chunk of concrete culvert, and trimmed countless, sharp, stick-in-the-eye, branches. When I was out today I happened upon a demon from hell. I just so happened to have my camera out when I captured him on film (SD card) while standing at the entrance to his subterranean lair. It was like seeing Big Foot, but this guy had a huge machete in his hand. I must have startled him, he rose to his feet and came at me. The only thing that saved me was my own fat-bike. As soon as he saw it he stopped, gave my bike a look, and we started chatting. He is also a fat-biker and rides a Moonlander. His name is Lor, and along with fat-bikes he really enjoys Hostess Sno Balls, and listening to Bauhaus in his free time. We talked for a while and I invited him to the adventure ride since we will be going by his place anyway. He said he might show up, but prefers riding after dark, I guess we'll see.
WTF is that!


Lor's bike

Good taste in food and music

Lor's Lair
 A couple more suggestions for the ride on the 13th, based on experience in the field; Glasses, chain links or pins, and an extra derailer hanger if you've got one. See ya,    D Rider
Part of fat-bike adv. route, no lights required 

Expect lots of mud !

No underground this time

Lots of this


  1. I have casted out demons before but this one I might have to run over....

  2. Fat Bike Newbie here. Literally just got my bike. I've been a roadie. I have jumped very few logs. Your adventure sounds great but do many rank amateurs show up for it? Thanks Bill

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    2. I don't like to turn anyone away but this ride will require a great amount of skill to clean everything. we will be riding many mud holes, steep off-camber downhills, slippery creek beds filled with boulders, and narrow ridgeline trails with some exposure. A simple log crossing would be the least of your worries .This might not be the ride for you if you have come from a roadie background and not had time in the dirt yet. brush up on your skills and I'll see you next year.

  3. Dear DR,

    I really appreciate the frank reply. You are right, I am hopelessly not ready for this ride though it sounds like a blast. Hopefully next year. If you're ever willing to have a neophyte tag along for a training ride at another time, let me know.