The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Gentlemen's Ride 2012

The two "friends" that left me for dead  :)
 It was a cold, windy, mostly cloudy, day. My body never seemed to warm up or have all cylinders firing. I was the only one to show up from our original roster that I submitted weeks ago. Half of the new, short-notice crew, ditched me when I got my first of three flats, at mile nine. I wasn't having the best day until....I reached the check point and dined on deli sandwiches complete with brie, and Dr Pepper. Having only about 35miles left has a way of lifting your spirits as well. I did have a great time riding with Ted Loosen and his friend Paul. Ted was part of our Gentleman's Team and  I really have to thank him for hanging in there with me. I was a grouchy, worthless, bastard, most of the day, and had no snap in my legs to do much pulling in the strong winds. I also have to thank Mason, whom I've never met, but hooked me up with one of those Park tire boots for patching the inside of a tire and a CO2 cartridge. I still owe you a lunch or dinner at A&W. I was planning on buying after the race, but the friend I rode down with had to be home promptly after the race. Also, thanks again to Skogen and crew for the fine eats and the effort put into making this ride happen. I have my tail between my legs now, but I'll be back for more in the spring.
there's sandwiches under that pop-up

I know it's not gravel, but it's the big hill after Forestville State Park where your legs feel like cement after a nice break at the check point.

Hey Joel 

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