The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Miles and miles of day-dreaming bike path
 Faribault-Mankato-Faribault, 90 miles of bike path and five hours of solo riding to let my mind wander. I planned this ride way back in February when I made an early morning dentist appointment for 8am on a Wednesday. Back then, I was anticipating the need for a day off from work to go ride my bike. My route followed the Sakatah Trail from Faribault to Mankato (and back), where it turned into the North River Trail, which I took straight into town. I did this same route several years ago when I called in sick to work. It was my birthday so I figured I deserved it and wanted to celebrate the day with a long ride.
AMP... buy one, get one free at the Hyvee grocery store in Mankato. I drank both of them! 

Mankato, lunch stop and short nap near the Minnesota River
 In keeping with tradition, I rode my single speed road bike. Although it wasn't my birthday until Monday, I figured it was close enough. That would also give me another chance to call in sick on my real birthday and do a different ride. The ride went well, not too hot, light wind and a cool down in the rain to finish the last ten miles. I have another early morning dentist appointment set for mid February in which I've given myself the day off.......... To Ride
For some reason there is bike parking in the middle of nowhere on the trail. There are no bike racks and no reason to park here, as there is nothing to do but look at trees.


  1. A salad? That is something I would do but not you. Was there a pizza on top?

    Sweet ride, Lucky, gosh.

  2. Salad, AMP, and CO2:) Whoa, there you go baby!!

  3. I thought the salad would balance out the AMP, they go wonderfully together Ha!

  4. Josh, does your wallet have a velcro closure?


  5. ah the bike parking at river front park, ive spent a lot of time there. did the city per chance smell of soy?