The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Enduro Group Ride

Extra points if you can tell me who is in this picture.
 I'm planning an enduro ride for Saturday August 25, with BBQ at my house to follow. Ride leaves my house at 8:30 am. If you don't know where I live we will meet you at Terrace Oaks MTB trail-head at 8:45. That way if I don't like you, or your a kook that I don't know,your not coming over to hang out afterwards. To be an enduro ride, in my definition, is to ride at least four different trails. I plan to hit at least four of these, Terrace Oaks, Leb, Salem Hills/Harmon Park, Battle Creek, River Bottoms, Murphy, and anything in between. We will be riding to each venue, this is not a vehicle supported ride. Plan for 4-6 hours of ride time, or bring a phone so your mom can pick you up. This is not a fat-bike ride, think 29er.

Just to be clear

What:   Enduro Ride, All day MTB ride....not a race
When and Where;  Saturday August 25   8:30 am  my house or 8:45 am Terrace Oaks
Who:   Any MTB rider capable of moderate paced trail ride, no drop ride... but if your super slow, were dropping you anyway!
Details:  most likely will stop for food and drink at gas station or something fast like chipotle'. I'm not a drinker so BYOB for BBQ, unless you want the stuff I bought for X-mas 3 years ago that is sitting in the closet. I will provide burgers and hot dogs, chips, and soda, if you would like to bring something to share that would be cool. Families welcome after we get back from the ride.

Please leave a comment if you are planning on showing up or shoot an email

Thanks and hope to see you on Saturday   Death Rider


  1. dang dude, i could use a good adventure with you...but ill be on my way out to glacier national for come camping with the family.

  2. Not sure I can make the ride, Kerry's parents and our niece are in town this weekend but I'll take a stab at some names in the pic - Rients, Swanson, Gross?

    1. Oh, and some guy who pissed his pants. ..