The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ray's Indoor MTB Park

The MTB part of the title for Ray's is a little misleading. If you've ever been to Ray's in Milwaukee or Cleveland you know this place has a lot to do with having your bike airborne.  There are a lot of features for the mountain bike, but when you get there the first thing you see are massive jumps and riders flying by high above your head. I'm not the kind of rider that is all about jumping, I'm a cross country guy but the jumps are beckoning, taunting me to ride them with all the flashy colors of the insignia's of the company's who sponsored them. This would hold true for Lynn and the boys as well, as we seemed to all gravitate toward them throughout the day. I was really nervous about hitting the first line of the larger jumps, but after a few passes I was airing it out and jumping smoothly and comfortably over them. There were even larger jumps that I tried, they proved to be too large and I shied away from them. In the beginner/sport room was another set of jumps that Big "D" was mastering for much of the day. 
     Just for shits and giggles I brought the Moon Lander along. I have to admit I felt like a total dork bringing it in there, but it was fun to ride just the same. It made a awesome sound on the pump track and nearly gave me a heart attack when I jumped it into the foam pit! The initial drop-in for the pit was really scary, from the top it looked much taller than it actually was, all I could think about was casing it at the bottom and getting all messed up. I made it without incident and went back for more until Lynn got a good photo. What made me even more nervous was Big "D" insisting he could do it too. To my surprise and horror he did. Lynn and "G" man also had their time in the pit. Super "Y" would not make the jump into the pit, as he was sleeping off all the excitement on a couch in the lounge area.  
        We finally had enough around 5:30pm, we simply did not have the energy to ride anymore. The best time to leave is before you get hurt. Judging by my last run at the jumps that time would be any minute.

Lynn's new bike

He claims he was just resting, not sleeping

Supermom !

Drop-in for the foam pit

Pump Track

Moon Lander about to touch down

Trying to get his Ray's wristband off before swimming, Super"Y" ripped out one of his teeth. It scared him and to comfort himself  he told us" it was already  loose".  He got five bucks for it  from the "tooth fairy" and was happy in the morning


  1. WOW ...What a fun place''' Our generation had the great outdoors and vacant lots or sand pits making our own jumps what a bloody mess we were..Great shots Josh have a great time up North this weekend....

  2. Nice.

    josh, send me a note at about this weekend

  3. 5 dollars from the tooth fairy??? dam.

    1. It was short notice and that's all I had on me