The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gear List

Man trip 2010

06' or 07' ?


2006  mouth of Split Rock River
This is a list of gear for up an upcoming trip on the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Your here either because you got invited or you like to read blogs like I do. If you did not get invited, It's not because I don't like you I probably don't know you or don't have your personal email, if you want to go, send a message at bottom. It is very short notice but It's only for a weekend + a couple days.

List in no particular order
Fat-Bike, note: I'm riding mine with platform pedals. If you don't have a fat bike don't bother reading further
Sleeping bag, mat, pillow etc.
Lightweight 1-2 man tent
Headlamp  you can have one on your bike too but will need one that can travel with you easily
Second Mtb bike with studded tires, I'm bringing my geared 1X1 with studded nokians. we may not use it but I'm bringing it anyway.
Snow shoes
X-C Skis classic  Backcountry or touring,  expect to have them damaged a bit
Small stove and mess kit
Climbing harness, belay device, 1 large carabiner  and know how to rappel or learn how quickly in the field
 Cramp-ons or other traction device for walking on ice.
Any Ice climbing gear you might have. especially ice or mountain axes.
Helmet either climbing or cycling or both 
Swimsuit we will be hitting up the municipal pool in Grand Marias at some point.They have a spa and sauna.
All the warm clothes you think you might need for camping in the winter.
Bring whatever food you wish to bring we will most likely hit a restaurant for one meal. we will also be able to hit a local grocery store.

The master plan   Thursday; Play on fat bikes, skis, snowshoes all day find a place to camp out for the night.
Friday:  Play all day on fat-bikes, ski or snowshoe. Afternoon, ride fat bikes bike packing style to undisclosed location and camp out for the night. Note: have your shit ready so you can just throw it on the bike and be ready to ride asap. I don't like to waste a lot of time on this trip doing things like packing. For this bike packing portion   you will not need the tent!
 saturday; ride back form campout, play on fat bikes, skis, or snow shoes, Afternoon, we will be skiing down a river and setting up camp for the night mid way . you will need your harness for this portion along with all your gear for the night.You will also need your helmet here! please have all your shit ready in a backpack or know how to pack it quickly. Once again we don't want to waste alot of time fiddling with gear.
Sunday; Ski out from camp. do the rappel and play some more on our way home.

This trip is non-stop, we will do a lot of shit going from one adventure to the next. It's not a race but you will be tired. anyone that has gone in the past has had a ton of fun. If you don't have all the gear, get it, borrow it, rent it, or  buy it up there. The trip is flexible, but there is a definite agenda of areas we MUST hit.

To quote my good friend Steve on the topic of gear or lack thereof , it goes something like this,  "I'll watch you flail for a while, but eventually I will get tired of it and just leave you"


  1. hey, been following your blog as a MN resident living in Vietnam. Enjoy the reads! Would love to join you on something like this once I get my fatbike rolling this coming summer.

    Enjoy yourselves. Would kill for some cold, snowy weather about now!

  2. Death Rider....Hay Its out of my grasp to go on the man trip I guess I'm going to be a girl next weekend.Be safe and I Will be thinking about you guys having fun and adventure..Peace, the Mayor.

  3. Ha... DR, you dont like to babysit?

    Dont forget pointer, if you leave behind make sure you take the car keys.

  4. Tents? Tents are for rain and/or bugs, not winter.

  5. Have fun in your bivy ArchFlash... I'll be hot camping with my Mr. Buddy