The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Another Fantastic Weekend

Now that the Arrowhead is over I was in need of some time with the family to just mess around and have some fun. Saturday, Super "Y" and Lynn went to a birthday party while "G" man and Big "D" accompanied me for a van ride to parts unknown. We packed some snacks the Nintendo DS's and our bikes to go cruising in the countryside and to see what we could find. We ended up in Shakopee down by the river looking for a "Tee-Pee" that I noticed from the other side of the river, on a ride I did a few weeks ago. The tee-pee was dismantled and  in it's place was a ticket a DNR agent had left behind stating "they had their stuff and if they wanted it back to call them", sounds like a fine just waiting to be handed out to me. We had fun riding around the area,tee-pee or not. From there we headed for Jordan and checked out some old buildings and got sort of lost. A few miles down the road we encountered a sign and arrows leaded the way to Blakeley Snow Days. This is what we were looking for we just didn't know it. Blakeley is a small town about the size of two city blocks, sort of ghost town-ish, but really neat just the same. The Snow Show was a snowmobile show of  vintage sleds at some ones house. I think all the people in attendance knew each other but welcomed us in for some free food and hot chocolate. I left some cash in the donation box and we were off.
       Next up, in the afternoon, was a party down at Milltown Cycles. I convinced  the "Legend" to join Lynn and I for what was sure to be a good time or at least free food. The three of us loaded our fat bikes in the van and headed to Fairibault. The guys down there were planning a ride but conditions were crappy enough that they cancelled, we would ride anyway. When we got there we rode with Mike around town and hopped on a short section of trail covered in ice. The ride wasn't super fun but it was nice to get out a little and work up an appetite before getting back to the shop at dark. The food was excellent, ham, turkey, beans, chips,salsa and some beer and pop went well with the ride. After the food was devoured by the 20+ people inside we headed out back by a small fire pit. Who doesn't like a fire on a chilly night? I bought a couple Revelate items and it was time to go back home and relive my mom from watching the kids.

Big Snowmobile 

Our pile of treasures
        Saturday was so fun I decided to do it all over again on Sunday. This time I called my brother and dad. My three boys pilled into the van and met pa and bro down at a little park near my brothers house. We played around in the woods for a couple hours. We found an old farmer's dump pile and scoured it for anything useful, interesting or valuable (scrap). Each of us came up with something we wanted, which ended up in my backpack, all 30 pounds of it. It was kind of crappy and cold Sunday so we got a bite to eat at a local Mexican restaurant and finished the night with everyone warming up in the hot tub, including Lynn, who did a 3++ hour bike ride with some friends. Another Fantastic Weekend!        

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  1. Looks like an awesome weekend!
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