The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 Sewer Tour

I thought of the title for this adventure way before I ever convinced a couple friends to join me on it. Four of us assembled Wednesday evening to ride 4 different drains. In the end we would leave the fourth for another adventure. The first drain is really basic, and a good primer for what to expect in the others. I was glad to have done this most basic one first, as one of the guys in the group decided to bail out soon after exiting.
 The second drain is one that I have not been to in about 8 or 9 years. Some of the artwork I saw way back when was still there, intact and still quite vivid. Krylon must be some good paint. The ride was a little over a mile, about the same as the first one. We spent about an hour inside taking photos and exploring side tunnels before heading out.

Our third endeavor was one that I have not done before so I was really stoked. I wasn't even sure I was at the right spot. I had scouted it a couple weeks ago on foot and noted where the best place would be to try and find it at night by bike and also to bring a short piece of rope. The down climb was a little tricky with the penalty for a slip of the foot being a swim on a frigid night. Not knowing if this was the right spot that I was looking/planning for and also the pain in the ass it would be to lower the bikes, we decided to walk it. Fifteen minutes of fast walking to the point of running would reveal this was the place I was looking for. The route is colorfully decorated by graffiti some of which is very artistic and very well done.  There were also cave-like formations of rock solid sand bars running perpendicular to the water flow, creating little dams along the way, up to a foot deep in spots. These look like a fun challenge to ride.  On my way out I was already planning a future trip back with my bike. It was nearly 10 pm upon exiting  and we decided to leave the fourth exploration for another night. Until next time...................................


  1. Awesome....You need to move to Duluth. We need a Man like you...
    Most impressed!!!