The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

January    "G" Man, his friend David, David's dad Adam, and myself ring in the new year camping on the north shore of Lake Superior
 2011 has been a great year! Since "G" Man was born back in 2003 the previous seven years have been a blur until 2011. Not that I don't absolutely love my kids and wife, it's been really hard to try and be a good dad and husband and have to fight the burning desire in my soul to get out and explore. I have done a lot in the past few years (more than most married dads I know) but this year it really came together with the whole family. I felt like my old self again, only better, by sharing it with the kids and Lynn at a high level of activity. These are the highlights of the year for me month by month.There are many other day trips and after work hikes, bike rides,  swimming and general messing around that tied it all together to make it an incredible year. Thank You, Lynn and my boys, who all make life so exciting, and also to my fantastic group of friends who are always up to having some fun.
Febuary    Arrowhead Ultra, 4th Place. Pictured with Dan Ditmer 3rd, Jeff Oatley 1st, and Jason Buffington 2nd  

March    The Man Trip, I live for this trip ! Water fall on the Devil Track River. Pictured with Mark and Cory

April    Grand Canyon, Buckskin Gulch, MTB riding in between hikes,a months worth of activity crammed into a week, with  Dale and Chris

May     Mountain biking at Levis-Trow with the whole family and friends. Also first trip in new camper.

June     High water on Minnehaha Creek gets me out for four separate trips. Pictured, Lynn and Ray

July     10 day trip to the U.P. of Michigan with family and friends. Lots of swimming,kayaking , riding and  goofing off.
Please, no fat jokes!

August   Me and the boys spend a weekend down at Beaver Creek State park.  Half our time is spent in the water swimming or riding

September    I had great day riding the Gentlemen's ride with my homies  
October    BWCAW, Had an excellent time with three other father/sons on a long weekend of camping ,canoeing ,hiking,shooting and general shnanegans
November   Thanksgiving weekend was a blast! It lasted five days. I did Three big rides, a kayak trip , caving and climbing, and even spent a couple nights out in the tree house with the boys. 
December    I love Christmas, not so much the prep for it but the day itself. I got out for several rides, solo and with the boys, and spent  lots of time with  family. The kids even got me a Barbie doll from the thrift store. 


  1. Josh- you seem to be in touch with the innards of the river bottoms as anybody. Is there a way to connect up the end of the Mountain bike portion of the trails ( western most section here with the 'trail portion' at the start of the trail at memorial park in shakopee other than riding on 101? I don't have a fat bike, so complete bush wack along river not really ideal. Are there trails all in there or is it pretty bare around the valleyfair area? Thanks, Ted Loosen tloosen at yah oo

  2. Way to live it and get them boys out there in the Adventure. Happy 2012!