The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Bike that Didn't Win The.....

Dirt Bag, The Heck of the North, The Gentleman's Ride, The Almonzo, or the Ragnarok. I didn't have the best year on the gravel and the Dirt Bag was no exception. I felt pretty good until about midway when the lack of training and sleep the night before caught up to me. I'm glad to have finished, and happy to ride with Tim W for the remainder of the race. The best part is I got some really good chili at the end and a sweet Dirt Bag T-shirt at the start. The race was well done w/perfect que sheets and some nice terrain. When I signed up I thought it was only going to be around 60 miles and was punished by the 85 that it actually was. It's so late in the year for any residual fitness and a little too early for winter race training for me. I had a good time anyway. Thanks Mr Doom and volunteers. Great Job Mr Wilson!  


  1. Maybe when you rode it. Lets ride some fatbikes soon!

  2. I think YOU'RE a winner. Hopefully see ya sooner than later. And that WAS damn good chili.

  3. I'm resisting the fat bike right now and trying to race the cross bike. Do you have any regular week nights on the schedule for Fat Bikes?