The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


A couple weeks ago while out riding in the city, I realized at although I had passed by many interesting buildings countless times, I had never really been inside most of them. The IDS tower in particular, spiked my interest. When I got home I wanted to see if they had an observation deck, to my dismay I found out they did have one, but it closed in 83'.
There it is


  This search also led me to the Foshay Tower, it has a very interesting history and an observation deck that's still open. From there a plan was made to for my boys and I to "summit" the tower on their first day of spring break. Unfortunately Lynn was not able to attend due to a differing spring break schedule. On Thursday we all packed a lunch (treats) and headed out mid-morning. We took the light-rail to down town Minneapolis, walked several blocks down Nicollet Mall, hung a left and were soon standing at the heavily decorated elevator doors of the Foshay Tower.

There is a small museum in the tower as well
  It cost me 8 bucks and the kids were free, not a bad deal. The observation deck was awesome, with it's open air, sidewalk width passage, all the way around to building, covered by a steel cage. It was beautiful sunny day and we spent at least a half hour looking out over the city and surrounding suburbs. When you get the chance I would highly recommend a trip to the top.
Took lunch in the Crystal Court next to the IDS Tower

Super Y gives this guy his can of  pop after he reads the sign he is holding, stating "Anything Helps".


  1. Back in my day Foshay was highest Building in Flyoverland. Remember my Daddy bringing me up there early 60's... Cool Josh!.....dp

    1. That's cool Dave.....I wasn't even alive in the 60's :-) , my dad worked on the building that took the title of tallest building in 72' IDS Tower