The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Twin Cities' Icons

Well I'm still unemployed and with the weather changing for the better I'm making the most of my time off. This means playing...riding my bike or doing whatever I can for free. Last weekend while attending a gymnastics meet with my boys I made a list off the top of my head, of what I considered twin cities icons that I would ride to, take a quick pick and move on to the next one. What I found while out riding is there are way too many places to hit in one day. Not all of them are really important or what some might call an icon but it was a fun ride anyway. Here they are....I'm sure the locals can think of many others that are special to them as well.
High Bridge... St Paul

Irvine Park, not much of a park but hidden in a nice setting of old houses

St Paul Municipal Elevator , on the Mississippi River ...not much to look at but I guess it's historic

Rice Park, downtown St Paul.....really cool in the winter with all the lights

Mears Park, has a small man made creek running through it

The State Capital Bulilding

The St Paul Cathedral......this pic does not do it justice, this thing is huge

The Governors Mansion on Summit Ave

The this place especially in the married here too 

The Witches' Hat

The U of M

The Stone Arch Bridge

The IDS Tower, downtown Minneapolis....highest building in the state 792'

The Basilica 

My Alma Mater ... Dunwoody Institute

The Spoon and Cherry....possibly the stupidest fucking thing in all the state, but the first thing that comes up when you google Minneapolis icons.....poor us


  1. Josh, noticed the sweet Fisher with Genesis geometry. Do you notice your pedals hitting the ground a lot on that?

    Would have been funny to progressively take off one more article of clothing at each stop. Wearing only your hanky at the cherry.

    Anyway, cool ride idea. Thanks for sharing.


    1. yeah I get a lot of pedal strike in the woods around stumps, BTW the frame is cracked at the bottom bracket...just waiting for it to fall off. As far as the clothes go it was almost 60 that day and it felt like summer....if there were any giant fiberglass animals I could have climbed on I definitely would have taken the pics naked

  2. What about those odd concrete things at umore park on cty 46?

    Cool idea

    1. No trespassing signs all over the place.......I'm in