The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dead Beat

What does an unemployed, freeloading, dead beat do with all of his free time while his kids are at school and wife is at work? .....He plays, and tries to convince others to call in sick, use personal time, or just play hooky so they can join him. In my defense I've kept the house clean,tried to get dinner on the table as many times as I can during the week, and finish some low cost projects around the house. Last week was the first full week I've had off, instead of being completely laid off this winter, it's been more of a furlough. The week before I ended up only working two days and the rest of the week I was home with sick kids, add in the fact that it's been bone chilling cold outside and there was neither time or ambition to go out and do anything. The weather finally broke last week and I was like a dog that just chewed through it's leash. Monday through Thursday I rode my fat-bike, did some snowshoeing, another sewer tour, and played with some ropes (which I'll cover in a different post). I was joined by Best in Schow and Noelski on all or some of these adventures. Pics are in random order as to throw you off the scent, and let you find and discover the locations for yourself.....enjoy
Muskrat Love

going up 

Ice formations still about 200 yards back

Behind the falls

I would not recommend this, but the tracks were packed solid and very fast for a while

Went to visit Mr H and his cave/living quarters.... he wasn't home 

Lunch next to a stream

Lunch next to a stream in a storm sewer 

This is the snowshoeing I told you about

Pay no attention to the woman on the wall

going down ?

Stopped by The Wreck, all is well

Looking for more underground artwork

Thursday's ropes course 

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