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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Racing

 The first snow/fat-bike race of the year, in our area, was held at Murphy Hanrehan Park on Saturday. The trail was is excellent condition, and fast. About thirty people showed, and most were on fat-bikes. I think I only saw a couple skinny tired bikes and one half-fat.
Too much power !

Finish Line 
 The event was put on by Freewheel Bike and Three Rivers Parks. These two always have good races that are challenging and fun to hang around afterward. The free pizza that was provided was a  welcome surprise and much appreciated. Thanks!  Although I didn't do very well in the race (8th ?),  I won a sweet pair of 45NRTH socks. Freewheel is having another race at the same venue next weekend, show up and have some fun! It would also be nice to see some of my "homies" from the Penn Team to mix in some black and green with all the black and yellow out there. :)
Free Pizza 

 After the race I headed down to the river bottoms trail with Jo-Mama to ride the course for the fat-bike race Penn Cycle is holding in the 19th. The Penn crew, myself included, have been working on a route that parallels the existing one so we can make a complete loop. The finished loop is right around nine miles and will be a lot of fun. The course is in prime shape right now, I hope it holds out for a couple more weeks. For more info on the race go to Penn Cycle.

invisible jump?

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