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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lincoln Cave

This was my shitty lunch/early dinner at the falls. Since I was out of cash I couldn't eat Famous Dave's at the expo
 On my bike ride home from the Midwest Mountaineering Expo, I decided to take a little detour and check out a drain that I had heard about. As I was throwing together an extra tube, pump, and multi-tool for the day's ride, I packed my head lamp and a short chunk of rope as well. A few weeks ago I recon-ed the drain and knew I would need a rope to safely (relatively) get inside.
I wouldn't have done this without the rope

The top notch on either side of the opening is where your feet are when you drop-in
The drain/cave is midway up a loose sandstone cliff. Water flows from it, forming a large, algae-green, drapery covering the remainder of the cliff face. From the point of entry, it's a good 25-30 foot drop to the water covered rocks below.  Initially I was quite nervous and hesitant to stem out over the water and commit to getting to the floor, eight feet below. Once I made the commitment it was easy, others have carved small holes in the sides making nice little steps.  
Run-of-the-mill sandstone drain, about six feet tall

The back
 I knew it would be a short walk but I wanted to see the back of the tunnel for myself. At the back end, the water has carved out a large area and eroded all the sandstone, leaving only a shell of the concrete that once defined the space. It was interesting to see the small rim-stone dams on the floor, and  flow-stone on the ceiling. There were also a couple of bats back here, hibernating. I made my way out, and easily exited the opening. Grabbing my bike and a snapping a few pics, I was on my way home. Mission accomplished !
This looks like something out of the movie "Alien". There is also a bat in the lower left, it's brown

View from the top, it doesn't look like much, but it would not be cool to fall down this. 

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