The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rice Creek

Work has been a little slow lately, so I've been using that as an opportunity to play. Friday I got to leave around 9:30 am. In anticipation for an early day, I already had my kayak and bike. My plan was to check out Rice Creek. It's been on my radar for a few years, when the gates closing a 1.5 mile section were removed, and it was possible to travel through the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant. Before that, running the full length of the creek was not possible with out a 2 mile portage.I dropped my bike at Manomin Park,
 in Fridley and drove to the put-in at Rice Creek North Regional Park. The water was over the banks, and I knew then, it would be a good trip. The creek was quite calm, but flowing fast all the way to Long Lake, about five miles. Going through the ammunition plant wasn't as cool as I expected. There wasn't much to see, other than some old buildings and a grassy shoreline. Once past Long Lake, the fun started, with lots of sweepers, downed trees, rapids, tight turns and fast moving water. One of these sweepers caught me and capsized my boat, causing me to lose my favorite new hat. It was nice to get in the water anyway. Is was surprised how quickly the trip went when I arrived at the take out-on Locke Lake, two hours and twenty minutes after I left Rice Creek Park, 11.5 miles up steam. The bike ride back was not bad either. I happened upon some bike paths and just kept following sections of them heading in the general direction I wanted to go.      

This is was the scene from Rice Creek Park to Long Lake

Crossing paths with the water route

Ammunition  Plant

One of the many underpasses, some were scarier than others

Keeping with the water theme, the family and I met Fancy Ray and his wife Kristen, out at Keller Lake on Sunday. It was a beautiful day and a relaxing trip traveling from Keller through the channel to Phalen Lake and back.

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