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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Fun Ride

Stone Arch Bridge, St Anthony Falls in the background
I've been gone quite a bit lately and felt like getting out on the bikes with the kids. Being gone all day Saturday to race the Chequamegon 100 only confirmed the need for such a ride. We have done rides in the past on paved bike paths and call them Family Fun Rides. I call them family fun rides, the boys don't know their dad is a dork. I've even thought about getting t-shirts made with the catchy title, mine would also say dork on it, with an arrow pointing up.  Typicaly we bring a lunch and snacks, stop for swimming, hiking, exploring, or ice cream. we could not get out of the house before lunch on this day. Lynn (mom, wife) was gone racing her mountain bike in Eau Claire (finished 9th OA Cat 2), so we decided to meet up in the late afternoon when she was on her way home and we could all ride around for a while and have dinner together.
Keep that front end up !

 Before meeting up with Lynn, the boys and I bummed around the St Anthony area, checking out the Stone Arch Bridge and the falls. After some rad jumps, we headed over to the U of M campus for some more urban assault. These are a couple of my favorite places to ride through, and it was really fun sharing it with the gang, I think they enjoyed it as well.
The falls were raging !

"I don't think so"

 Later on, when mom showed up, we took her back to see the falls and check out an area that we are planning to fish, for "river monsters" at a later date. Dinner was at Tuggs, and ice cream was at home (much cheaper). I can't think of a better way to spend a perfect, summer, Sunday afternoon.

We don't call him "Big D" for nothing


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  1. We do similar. I call them Family Fun Rides, the kids call them FFF Rides, Forced Family Fun, although with age they are getting better. Ice cream is usually a good motivator.