The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Lots of mud for the initial ride out, at nearly 40deg F
 My yearly tradition of a short, hour ride, with camping gear to an undisclosed location and spending the night, goes back about eight years. Typically it's been done on January 1st. This year the 1st didn't quite work, so I rescheduled it for the next weekend. We lost one guy from the original list but gained two. I was stoked, everything came together nicely, the weather was going cooperate and be quite warm without the fierce winds of last weekend. In past years, I've been out when it was 10-15 below zero, which is normal for January, but is not super enjoyable, especially in the morning before the fire warms everything up. The crew that joins in the fun has been different every year. All of this years group were first timers for this trip, but are experienced campers and cyclist.They included none other than "The Legend" himself, his man servant Neil, Steve P, Steve S, and yours truly Death Rider. We all had fun, listening to Steve's phone playing blues music, and eating snacks. Morning came and with it breakfast (oatmeal and Monster for me), before heading out. I decided to ride further down the trail,(Arrowhead ultra training) bidding farewell to my homies. I ended up with a four hour ride and forty miles, lots of mud and sunshine, not bad for the first part of January.          
Neil's pop-can stove was a big hit

Home Sweet Home

I took a little time to check out one of the many sand dunes along the way


  1. ah ha, yeah old farmstead in the swamp! You guys end up sleeping inside of there? I have always wondered if you could do that, or if it was 'ok' to have a fire in their. Looks like yes on both accounts!

    Looks like a great night, LOVE that area,

  2. Where the hell is that place? Looks like a good deal of fun.

  3. That looks like what we call a Bothie in Scotland, old houses in remote areas free to use and usually have an open fire and sometimes a stove, firewood is supplied, and it is etiquette to split some logs for the next traveller,

  4. man i wish i could have gone. stupid work!

  5. Looks like a great time. Nice shots. One of these years I'll make the trip.

  6. Home sweet home pic would make a great pic for a record cover..Reminds me of the band Grand Funk Railroad. Josh It was a good time thks..