The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Arrowhead Last Minute Prep 2012

I've been getting ready for this thing since last year. It seams like all I do after the arrowhead is think about next year. I figured I would clear my head a little and go for creek ride on Friday. The spot I chose is one of my favorite places to visit, it's not very well known and rarely have I seen anything but foot prints. I ended up riding two different creeks both of which were in prime condition for the bike and also across a lake.
       Saturday was a different story, instead of an easy spin or just taking it easy doing nothing, I raced at the Penn Cycle Fat-Bike race at the Eagan shop. I was in charge of the set up of the course and due to the low turn out I felt obligated to race it. The plan was to "just ride it" but when I here GO I can't help myself. The race was only 45 min long and it felt good to get the blood flowing. Jack Hinkens won,which was no surprise, he's a pro MTB rider and a top notch guy, I was second and Mr. Gross came in third. I'm hoping for snow and a bigger turn out next year.

This is NOT Minnehaha falls

Huh ?

Hoping for a bigger turn out, I had my "race bike" on display 

One of three swamps the course went through

Jack exiting swamp 1

Cory collecting 3rd place $
       Headed for International Falls in the morning, Death Rider signing out....................................


  1. Best of rides D Rider... Put that fancy bike to the test!

  2. have fun. ill be out for 80 or so, but that aint close to what yer doing.