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Thursday, January 11, 2018

December 2017.........Random

Global Fat-Bike Day
 Looking back, December was kind of a strange month as far as the weather goes. It started somewhat warm , with Global Fat-Bike day. A couple of guys from the Penn Cycle Team (Vandy and Best in Schow) and myself led a river bottoms ride with some free food provided by Pat (owner) at the mid-way point.
off route....most people know where this is 

Way off route....what fat-bikes are made for 

Of course there was at least 1 camp-fire cook-out

Cannon River first weekend in December with Thor and my Bro 
  The next day was even warmer, a few of us did a short kayak ride down the Cannon and had the usual half-way lunch stop with a fire. The warmth of the day combined with the low angle of the sun felt it should be cold and snowy.
cliffs in the prairie of southern mn 

obligatory camp-fire lunch stop  


many rides in the dark in Dec since the light fades by 4:30 pm

The Mayor crossing treacherous waters on our way to a cook-out 

Best in Schow....sandbar 

Swamp rides are good too when there is a lack of snow 

best creek ride ever...based on riding conditions...north shore rivers have better scenery but not as consistently ride-able 
   The snow never really came, but the bitter cold did. In the winter months I prefer to ride fat-bikes on hard packed snow and do some x-c skiing, but I've had too settle for some ice riding. Riding ice with a very small amount of snow is magical, one such day turned out to be the best creek ride I've ever had. Three of us ended up with about 16 miles on the creek but could have done 3 to 4 times that if we had an earlier start and a more ambitious plan. I'll be headed back to this one soon if conditions hold out.


Fire was really nice on this cold day 

bye bye 
 I'm not going to mention the name of the creek but if you do a little digging and some exploring you should be able to find it or possibly better. Exploring is the best part, I don't want to ruin that for you.

D Rider.........................out

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