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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hungry Bear 100

The Legend was spotted at the Hungry Bear sign-in....can you see him 
 Just a little over a week ago I was in Cable, WI for my second consecutive weekend of gravel road riding/racing.The Hungry Bear 100 is a gravel road race with 100 mile and 100 kilometer options. It just wrapped up it's second year and is part of a collection of races put on by The Green Tunnel (Tim Kruger of Advocate Cycles and the Angry Catfish).

Mr Gibbs haming it up 
   I chose the 100 k option because I'm fat, wanted to have fun, and wanted to be able to drive home afterwards. Although I chose the shorter route I worked it as hard as I could ending up in 7th place. Typically I like to start fast and just hang with the lead group as long as possible and see where it goes from there. During this race, after a few breaks in the peloton, falling back into the second group, I was able to bridge back and stay with the top ten or so riders. With approx 12-13 miles to go the hills came on one after another. I stuck with Craig and Jill while the really fast guys rode away from us. I was happy to finish where I did, with Jill pulling away at the end and Craig  and I riding in together.
There wasn't much pavement on the route, but this was the only spot where I could get my camera out for a approx 25 miles per hour

custom cue card holder, I call it the D.R.U.N.K.  death riders ultimate note karrier 

Second best, or perhaps best.... part of the day............ wood fired pizza out back in the sun. 
  Luckily the Mayor and I carpooled since I fell asleep on the ride home anyway.  The Hungry Bear was a good race and well worth putting on your own calendar for next year. Ending it at the Rivers Eatery was pure genius as well.    P.S. there aren't any pictures of actual gravel road racing because I was riding way to hard to ever get my camera'll have to see the route for yourself.

D Rider ..........................out

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