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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Gun Mount

Built this specifically for my 20ga single shot

 I'm not much of a hunter these days. From the age of 13 to about 20 I really enjoyed hunting, and fishing as well as trapping. My interest in being a "sportsman" started to wane when I really dug in deep with  bicycles, and for the most part has been put on the back burner ever since.

carries a 22 bolt action as well...WITHOUT tubular magazine 
  With the advent of the fat-bike and the Cogburn line of hunting and fishing fat bikes, my enthusiasm to get back out there has awakened.  I'm not going whole hog, but if I get out at least once I'll have satisfied my urge. Part of the allure of hunting via fat-bike for me, is simply the notion of carrying a gun on your could it get much better? This allure also brought me to build my own mount for reasons of economy as well as pride.

camo-ed ...and yes it's called the Muther Fuckin Gun Mount
 From the beginning I wanted my gun on the front end, and I wanted it pointing down. I thought about mounting one of those Kolpin gun boots , but they are heavy and expensive enough that I didn't want to buy one for an experiment that may not work. Instead, I fabricated my own design from a piece of aluminum tubing, misc. sheet material, and some pipe insulation....and a hose clamp. Although not field tested,I think it will work pretty well. My single shot 20ga doesn't weigh much more than a bunch of gear typically carried on the handle bars in a sweet roll style bag. As far as it being secure, the gun fits snug in the insulation and is held "in" by a single, padded, nordic ski strap. My only real concern is if the butt of the gun is out far enough that I will not hit it (with my face)when riding aggressively. In a seated position it is not an issue, and may be the preferred riding position. I'm planning some testing in the coming weeks and will update then.
cock the's time for action
-Cyprus Hill-


  1. Sweet. Gadner Mountain has nothing on this.

  2. Hell yeah, nice work on this. A worthy addition to a small number of DIY bicycle gun scabbards I've seen. Check out the two D.O.O.M. made from leather (scroll down the page)

    1. I did see those leather scabbards a while back......super cool

  3. That looks good. But doesn't it in any way affect you when you turn?

    1. Hey Johnny.... Steering is not affected in any way.. bike has full range of turning ability. The extra weight on the front end is not any different than carrying panniers or a sweet roll type bag.... Tested this set up last weekend and will update soon

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