The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

One Foot in the Grave

Just yesterday I turned the big 4-0. I celebrated it with a long ride on my traditional route from Faribault to Mankato and back, on the Sakatah trail, approx. 90 miles  . Joining me was Best in Schow and The Mayor, others were welcome but I did a poor job of planning this ride and letting others know......sorry.  I would not have minded going alone but it worked out well for the three of us. The ride was just how I wanted it, little wind, lots of sun, not too hot, low humidity, no flats or mechanicals, a lunch stop and no drama. Later that evening I enjoyed a meal of crab legs at home with my family and went to bed tired and content with the day.
about 90 miles of this

Lunch at a mediocre restaurant in Mankato 

yep....more of the same
 Those that did not do the ride on my actual birthday got to do one the weekend before when a large group of us did a mini enduro ride on the local MTB trails leaving from my house. We hit Murphy, Leb and Terrace Oaks and ended up with just under 50 miles and about 3.5 hours. Once back at my house everyone was treated to tacos, the greatest food in the world, made by my loving wife. Lots of other friends and family showed up later in the day for the low key party portion of the day. The best "gift" I received was a surprise visit from my BFF Tom from Salt Lake. He and my wife were in cahoots the whole time, she asking if we had a specific sized bike for someone to borrow numerous times throughout the past week. I also got a call from Tom explaining that he had accidentally replied with  "going" on the facebook invite, he wished me a happy birthday and about a minute later I nearly fell on the floor when I walked out of my bedroom and he was sitting at the dinning room table.  Tom made the first part of the ride at Murphy and was able to stick around until the late afternoon. I would like to thank all those who joined me last Saturday and's great to have all you awesome people in my life. Extra big thanks to Lynn and the boys for all the work getting stuff ready for the day.
LCR ride ?

midway at Leb 

Didn't get many pics at home but here's proof people actually stayed 


  1. Shut the hell up!!
    40 is the new 20 you big baby!! :)
    You've got nothing to complain about..... Look at all the love that was shown on your 20th!! Damn man.... You've done something right!! Here's to 40 more!!

    1. yeah your right, I just wanted an excuse to use the phrase ..He he . See ya next weekend at the fiddlin' 50