The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


I've had this idea for a dirtbike-packing ride for some time now. The plan. Start near the town of Danbury Wi.,ride the Gandy Dancer to the Sooline trail where it becomes the Saunders Grade. Then navigate through Superior Wi. undetected by the Po-Po until I reach the Tri county 1 The first night I fueled my self and the bike at a Holiday in Superior after about a 90 mile ride. After stuffing my pizza and MtDew in the backback I headed for Wisconsin point. I hid the bike in the woods while no one was looking and headed for the beach. I love this place I usually try to camp out here at least once a year. It's not permitted but WTF I'm not hurting any one by staying there. I built myself a fire and watched the sunset as I was falling asleep The next day would be the fun day. I got up early and took a short swim mostly to clean off a bit. From here I rode a quick 45 miles into Iron River where the good trails start. They were very sandy a took a while to get used to but I manged to tear it up anyway. From Iron river I rode to Port Wing for some gas and then on to Valhala. Valhala has a sweet hill climb and a fire tower near by. You can't go in it but the hill that it is on provides an excellent look out for the surrounding area. Now I was on my way to Ashland to meet the family and play the rest of the weekend. The gear I brought was minimal. On the Bike Bivy sack,sleeping mat,and fleece blanket. In My backpack 1 tube,2 tire levers,adjustable wrench,2-stroke oil,t-shirt,shorts,sandles,wallet,maps,fleece top,camera, and 1 carmel roll from Tobies.(to be eaten for breakfast).

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