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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fat-Bike Addiction

Maiden Voyage 

The Thrasher is still my favorite. There is no place I won't go with this one.

Arrowhead Race machine. I made this one too nice to beat on. I also need to rely on this one a lot more

I suppose it's better than being addicted to crack. On Thursday I picked up my third fat-bike; the Moon Lander. I was more excited for this bike than any other bike I have owned; including my first real fat-bike and my first 29er way back in 02'. The first ride was on Saturday at the river bottoms but not before making a few changes. The saddle, seat post, stem, and bars were replaced. I had to rob a few things off some other bikes which drives me crazy but I didn't want to wait to ride it and I figured they won't be used until spring which is plenty of time to put them back. I really like the bike mostly because it's just obscene. There is no snow here right now so it's hard to judge how it will ride, but it is quite slow. The heavier rotating mass is noticeable over the standard 60-80 mm rims with any of the 3.7" tires out there. The bike seems to bounce a little more and requires more upper body strength to boss it around on the trails. After a three and a half hour ride my arms and shoulders were sore, something I have not experienced in the last three months of riding skinny 3.7" tires. Right now I love this bike and I'm looking forward to riding some packed snow.

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  1. I was at Milltown last week eyeing one up. I hate getting rid of bikes and your white pugs convinced me that I need another one. Home projects will keep me from it this year, but I will try to swing one for next.