The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Saturday, March 14, 2015


26+.....a new category ?
 This past fall I started to see folks building up Surly 1x1's with double wide rims and the new 26 x 3" Knards. I wasn't long before I began looking for a used frame and fork. I already have a Krampus in the 29+ , so why would I need a 26er with 3" wide tires.....because I want one, and I have a problem with bikes just like any other addict of two wheels.
ready for some heat and filler rod

This is the 3rd one I've works great...let me know if you want me to fix yours too.
  I searched locally for about a month but came up empty I bought a brand new one. I was super stoked when I finally got my mitts on the Kawasaki green beauty. It's a well known fact that this shade of green is the most excellent color in the universe. I'm not a single-speed fan mostly because I want to go fast when I need to (open roads, flat sections, downhill, etc.) so the first thing I did was to fabricate and weld on a derailer hanger.

Any man worth his salt will have a picture of his bike next to some railroad tracks ...right?
  The bike was then built with a hodge-podge of parts I had lying around or robbed off of other unsuspecting bikes in the basement. Initially I didn't have the proper double wide wheels to make this bike "right" so I used an old set of regular rims. I tried the 3" Knards but it looked like they were going to come off the wheel when aired up so I settled for and old set of 2.5" Continental, Diesel's.
Pure gold after a long winter...this road is gated for the winter and not yet open to cars.

travel at your own risk...preferably 
 This didn't have the effect I was looking for so it sat for the rest of the winter. I wasn't planning for it to take the place of fat-bike anyway so no biggie. About mid February I scored a used set of Alex, double wide rims on some crappy Deore hubs for 50 bucks....I was in business. The bike turned out great and looks pretty bad ass IMO. I just took it out on it's first real maiden voyage now that the weather is getting good and had an excellent day. It's intended purpose/niche?......who gives a's Kawasaki green.


  1. Ace post of what seems to be turning out to be an ace bike concept-i need one!

    Deft kawa Green too!

  2. You don't have to weld or braze anything on. Use these instead:

  3. Coast Kid....I'm sure it won't be long before you have one :-)

    The chain tug thingys are really cool if you don't have the option to weld or braze....would be a good idea for some, but i made my stuff for free....and had fun doing it....thanks for sharing those parts