The following is a true story, only the names have been changed, to protect the guilty.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Solstice Chase

This past weekend was the Solstice Chase fat-bike race in St Croix Falls Wisconsin, put on by the good folks at Cyclova XC. This was a true...-fat-bike only-... race with  25 and 50 K options held on groomed x-c ski trails. Nearly 70 riders took the line, with both distances having roughly the same amount of riders, give or take a few.
The Venue, Big Rock Creek Retreat. St Croix Falls WI
  Honestly I could really give a crap if someone wants to try and ride their non fat-bike on whatever surface they choose, but this course had no place for them. It was very soft for a majority of the trail, and was a real challenge for all those participating.  This would be my first race of the fat-bike season and a good test of my unconditioned body. Tipping the scale a few pounds under the morbidly obese category I still managed a third place spot in the short race, finishing in about an hour and a half as the "real" men and women braved another lap. I my defense I initially signed up for the long race but had plans to be at an event/competition with my kids in the early afternoon so I had to opt out and be a good dad.
The Mayor comin' in hot 
   I mentioned the course was soft, this would be of great benefit for me as I have a little more experience than the average Joe out there. It seemed everyone including myself was running way too much pressure in the tires,hoping for a fast race. The only difference is, I stopped within the first few minutes to air-down.The two fast guys who would eventually beat me were off the front but struggling on the climbs. I struggled too but the few seconds I lost to let out some air brought me right to the front and into first place with a good lead until the midway point of the race.
Hells Yeah !  Penn Cycle in the house. There were four of us in attendance on race day, not like a race at Buck Hill, but still good to see some of my teammates 
 I was feeling pretty good about myself just before both of them passed me within a couple minutes of each other. We had just come out of some really grueling hills and were on a nice flat, fast section. All I could do now was ride smooth, not crash, attempt to stay with them, and at all costs stay out of sight of the fourth place guy. The two off the front were really fast, I lost sight of them within a mile of being passed. I was running scared now and praying another rider would not catch me. I rode smooth, didn't crash, and beat the fourth rider by 10 minutes. Ten minutes isn't bad, but the five plus minute shellacking I received from the leaders was a slap in my own face.
We had a little time to grab a snack after the race in a warm building near the finish
  I was reasonably happy with my finish and it felt good to get on the podium even if I did do the lesser of the two races. The guys at Cyclova are promising a repeat of the race for next year, check it out and celebrate the shortest day of the year!  .......they have food too.
I won the one of a kind trophy with place and date on the back side , as well as a really nice pair of thick wool cycling socks ....Thanks Cyclova XC

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  1. Awesome write-up! I just mentioned your post on our page here: Hope to see you at the Solstice Chase next year!